Welcome to Jane Cleveland’s website.

Why this website? These days, we're often no longer part of a community where we grew up, where we knew everyone and where everyone knew us. And everyone has an interesting story. Not having the opportunity to to sit down for a visit and tell you about myself (and hear about you), this site lets me tell my story. Thank you for your visit.

I am fortunate to have been able to pursue a variety of interests, balancing vocation and avocation with a common goal of uncovering the undiscovered, polishing up the un-noticed, developing raw talent and enabling access to the very best. This has included property planning and development, putting talent on stage, finding and training the young or un-recognized horse, and seeking out the very best in real estate investment managers. I am most grateful to be able to pursue the combination of these interests.

It does take a village and here is mine, many, many thanks to my mentors and supporters: Jeff Carr who gave me tremendous opportunities and along with Nelson Andrews had faith in me at Vanderbilt; Dr. Millie Stahlman, my father’s good friend from long before I was born, she has always been an important role model, friend and supporter, especially of my riding;  the Nelleys – Pat is my ever-loyal barn support and dear friend, and John, her husband, my trustee in the truest sense of the word, also on my Centaur board; James Sandlin during the Vanderbilt Concerts days, Croley Graham these days, and most important, my brother Bill. And of course my parents who provided me with everything they possibly could, including the best upbringing, access to so many opportunities, stellar role models and a strong work ethic. Missing them...

I wouldn’t begin to expect you to read through all of this - as my mother used to say when I was trying to diet and she would put a dessert in front of me, ‘Just take as much you like!’

Jane Cleveland


Jane Cleveland & Brother Bill  Bill and Marty Cleveland, BC; photo by Bob Stempfel     Dr. Mildred Stahlman & Dr. William Cleveland, photo by Jeff Carr